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Meccano Twins - Ice: pain & fear - T.R.S.E. - 10:20 - 30.09.2010

Ice: pain & fear

Meccano Twins

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Length:10:20 / 3 tracks


Fire, Air, Ice, Earth, Thunder, Water. In many cultures those are the elements that are at the origin of nature and everything on planet earth.
That's the idea behind the new saga of releases from Meccano Twins. Every project will be focused on one of those elements, recreating the strength and weakness.

The first one is ICE: sharp sounds, cutting high frequencies, spikey bassdrums and sudden freezing of the sound, everything melted in a frozen atmosphere. No rules on this Ep, from the slow pounding beats of Gamma Release to the fast and heavy bassdrum of Time has come, walking thru the cutting edge lead sound of Pain & Fear. Not just a record, a complete journey into sound.

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