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Maad And Flame - Fist Of Blood - Sector Zero - 08:55 - 26.06.2017

Fist Of Blood

Maad And Flame

Label:Sector Zero
Category:Downloads / Albums
Length:08:55 / 2 tracks


Sector Zero, the most forward-looking raw hardstyle label, proudly presents the very first release of two natural born ravers: Maad and Flame.
No retreat, no surrender, this is Maad and Flame’s mentality!
“Fist of blood” is a clear hymn to war.
When the shadow falls behind they’ll start claiming vengeance against the dark lords of the commercial sound.
The moment for action has arrived, low up the speakers, stand up and fight for your right to party to the straits of forces.
You won’t have resting moments while raving on this impactful tune cause you are going to dive into hell!

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