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Kyuzo - The end - Next Cyclone - 19:53 - 20.02.2014

The end


Label:Next Cyclone
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Length:19:53 / 4 tracks


Hardcore is not only "boom boom boom", there's more things around it. We welcome our newest talent in the force, we welcome Kyuzo, a new talent with a totally fresh and new point of view of what Hardcore really is. In his debut EP he will astonish you with four tracks ranging from 155 to 160 bpm, proving that the speed is absolutely meaningless when talking about sonic violence.

Here's his point of view regarding his tracks:

The End: Here it is, the beginning of the end... The track where my career start. Dark atmospheres and aggressive sounds will make the dancefloor crazy.

Awaken: Can be possible to create a melancholic Hardcore track? Here you have the answer. Awaken have a lot of trance music influences, but it never loses the Hardcore essence.

Rock N'Core: This track was created to make the people scream this cool word samples and to destroy the dancefloor with a big kick and oldschool sounds.

Fight: When you've lost control... you've lost the Fight. The darkest track of the release. Fight it's made to brake your mind free with aggressive sounds and huge kickdrums.

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