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General Guyble - You're Not Scary / Stop, Look, Dig It - Activa Dark - 09:07 - 18.08.2017

You're Not Scary / Stop, Look, Dig It

General Guyble

Label:Activa Dark
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Length:09:07 / 2 tracks


General Guyble is a Hardstyle DJ and producer. Even though he’s still a newcomer in the world of Hardstyle, General Guyble already left his mark in the bigger world of music.

Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in Germany. His musical journey started first by playing his favourite Punkrock and Metal songs on his guitar and producing Hip Hop. Later by producing all kinds of electronic dance music.

Nowadays he lives in the Netherlands, the number one country for Hard Dance Music. He continues to produce new tracks and work with big Artists from all kinds of different Hard Dance genres.

Here it is his first release on Activa Dark! Enjoy!

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