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Down By Force - The Noise Of Thunder - Audiouce - 11:53 - 30.04.2015

The Noise Of Thunder

Down By Force

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Length:11:53 / 2 tracks


Jumpstarting the new Audiouce label, Down By Force is one half of the Basic Grooves DJ team, with two tracks in a distinct subground style. [For those not in the know, this release serves as an encyclopedia example for the genre, with bouncing 135 bpm rhythms and more aggression than melody.] The hook in each track is provided by a versatile use of samples. The B-side “Slam Down” then variegates the classic call for punani with a strong electro flavor.
The Noise Of Thunder might prove the up-and-coming sound, so you better listen!

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The Noise of Thunder

30 April 2015 | By:

Very cool release for al you subground lovers who like it rough and edgy. Pounding kickdrums, disorted sythshere and there hardcore/oldschool influences make this a release you don't wanna mis.