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Activator - Veteran Of Style (Part 2) (Early) - Activa Special Edition - 27:52 - 01.07.2015

Veteran Of Style (Part 2) (Early)


Label:Activa Special Edition
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Length:27:52 / 6 tracks


Embrace the past, present and future of Hardstyle. #VoS

Pioneer, innovator, revolutionary; it was just a matter of time before Activator revealed his second artist album. Following up on the release of ‘Authentic Style’ in 2009, his latest creative endeavour, ‘Veteran of Style’, has taken over the scene on the 1st of May this year. Passing through and experiencing the genre in all its forms, the album is divided into four parts which will be released separately.

Each part contains six tracks, representing a specific style and period of Hardstyle: Euphoric, Early, Raw and Nu-style.

Manuel Tessarollo, aka Activator, started as a producer in 2001. Gradually building his unique style, he reached a point where he realized that it was the right moment to translate his veteran experience into a new album.

On ‘#VoS’, Activator wants to take you on a Hardstyle journey showcasing the versatility that he stands for as a producer by mastering the craft of invigorating melodies, distorted kicks, energetic reverse bass, filthy screeches and infectious vocals. With a constant need for cutting edge music and new sounds, there is no doubt that Activator will continue at the forefront of the scene for many more years to come.

‘VETERAN OF STYLE PT.2 (early hardstyle)’

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